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“The Breaks” ranked as the #2 original cable movie of 2016 among adults 18-49.* Across all premiere night airings, it tallied 2.6 million total viewers.** Inspired by The Big Payback, a nonfiction history of the hip-hop business written by journalist Dan Charnas, “The Breaks” is executive produced by Seith Mann (“The Wire,” “The Walking Dead,” “Homeland”) and John J. Joining the cast are guest stars Kim Wayans (“Pariah”), Lela Rochon (“Any Given Sunday”), Dave East (Def Jam Recordings) and Hassan Johnson (“The Wire”). Music / Def Jam Recordings), and Gloria Reuben (“Mr. Kim Wayans plays Ella, Imani X’s (Teyana Taylor) mother or more accurately – her “Momager.” Lela Rochon plays Marie Jones, Nikki’s (Afton Williamson) mother who -like Nikki – is not always forthcoming with the truth, but for very different reasons than her daughter.Returning to reprise their roles from the film are Cliff ‘Method Man’ Smith (“Luke Cage”), Russell Hornsby (“Fences”), J. Dave East plays Hashim, a rapper who performs with Imani X. Anthony Purdell, a detective investigating Ahm (Antoine Harris) and his gang affiliations. TC] You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone. What you need is me, someone to talk to, uh, it's been a while since our last session.So, tell me what's been going on [Verse 1] I'm not a fucking role model (I know this) I'm a 19 year old fucking emotional coaster with pipe dreams Since Kanye tweeted telling people he's bumping all of my shit These mothafuckas think I'm 'sposed to live up to something?

The series continues to explore their triumphs and heartbreak trying to make their mark in a new and complex hip hop culture.

New to the roster are Melonie Diaz (“Fruitvale Station”), Sinqua Walls (“Power”) and Ali Ahn (“Billions”).

“The Breaks” is scheduled for a January 2017 premiere.

Of course they only listen to lyrics about me pissin' off In the tombs of Lara Croft, I'm getting pissed off (I bet) Message boards are on my dick, I need a pissing waiver (here) Let me bust one in they mouth, I know they full of flavor [Interlude] – Can't they just be happy for me like, a kid with nothing, living out his dreams? – I think everyone's happy, everyone's immature, everyone loves you Tyler, you have to believe that – I don't even skate anymore, I'm too fucking busy, I can barely kickflip now – Why? – Faggot – Alright, well, since the last time we... I get on stage and I have as much fun as I can – I mean, you, you, it seems like you have fun. I mean, they're really random and it's ADD – Who doesn't have ADD?

Well, I don't – I mean, sometimes, you're just really out in the distance and we just want to know, what's the problem for this?


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